Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello all,

Don & I are doing well. Our schedules are totally opposite of one another... which has been hard on the both of us. Don gets up at 4:30am and works until around 3pm. I work from 3pm to 9pm and by the time I get home, we have about a half an hour to eat dinner, catch up and Don is already fighting to stay awake. Basically, we look forward to the weekends each week.

This last week has been a very busy one for our family. On Saturday, I had a HUGE cheer competition that I have been preparing my teams for. They did so well! My level 1 Fury team(beginning cheer, 6-11 year olds) got 1st place as well as division champs! (Which means out of every level 1 team there, any age group... our score was the highest overall) My level 2 Force team (back handsprings, ages 12-18) got third place, which seemed wrong since the team that took second was made up of 9 girls with ugly uniforms and a awful pyramid that dropped. Oh well, our team had no falls and it was the best they have looked in weeks! Fierce level 3 team (back tucks, ages 9-18) got 1st place! We had a strange bobble in our pyramid that we have never had trouble hitting before, but still got 1st. They looked very clean! Beast level 5 (layouts, fulls, double fulls, ages 12-18... the highest all star level before college. Level 6) had to perform twice since we were trying to get a bid to worlds (a HUGE competition on ESPN@ Disney world every year. You have to be "invited" to attend. aka, your team must take 1st and score a certain amount at certain competitions) They only give away 1 paid bid this competition to the best level 5 team regardless of age. We were up against 2 very well known, level 5 teams. After our 1st performance, we were shocked/ecstatic to be in second place! We took third after our second performance, but I have never seen my team pull together the way they did. We were finally a team! It is our 1st year with a level 5 team...for us to do as well as we did when everyone was expecting us to fail and fall apart, was indescribable. It was a GREAT weekend, and I have never been so stressed/happy/exhausted/content ever!

Don has been busy this week getting one of the rental houses all ready to go and moving our 1st tenants in! The family that is renting from us is just the cutest family. The wife is pregnant and about to have the baby any day now. They already have two kids, both work full time and are just a genuine family. It was crazy to see where they had been living and I know it made Don happy to have them move into a bigger, nicer place for cheaper! I have actually never seen him so on his toes before. He truly enjoys helping others and it makes me so grateful knowing I married such an honest, hard working man.

Since I have some free time during the day, Don & I talked about me getting another part time job. We decided that at the moment, I should keep my days open so that I can take on more responsibilities at my current job as well as help run our property management business. Both of us also want to finish school too, so keeping some free time open for now is what I have been doing. Because there is not much to do sometimes, the house is already clean and our business is just starting off... I have found a new hobby to keep myself busy. I have taken an interest in "antiquing" furniture and selling it. Every week, we go to Goodwill and if I see a good buy, we buy it and destroy it. It is so fun! I have also made several picture frames. Along with my projects, we also painted and decorated our home! It turned out just great! The "Fire engine red" paint looked so scary in the bucket, but really added that personality to our home. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the road, I could get paid for decorating other peoples homes...?

Found this endtable at Goodwill for $12. Made it more vintage. The shelf we also got for $3 and beat it up and painted it.

Living room "Before" Living room "After"