Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Baby Baby!

I have not blogged in forever! I mean to every Sunday, but never get around to it, so... here goes.

Yup. We are pregnant. 15 weeks this Thursday. It came as a complete surprise (really)! I guess these things happen all the time and you just have to accept it and figure Heavenly Fathers plan might not have coincided with your own. I had mixed feelings at first. Without judging, here were all the thoughts I had whizzing in my head...

Don and I have not even been married a year yet and are still trying to figure marriage out, and now a baby?! I am very invested in my job and would have liked to have things more planned (maybe two years down the road) We were on the pill!! I am going to get fat!? Aren't babies expensive? We are having a baby!!! AHH!

Selfish I know. There are so many out there that don't have the ability to have children and here I am complaining. I have to remind myself that all the time. It was just so unexpected. My feelings have since changed from freak out mode to reality. My thoughts now have been: What if the baby comes out with problems? What if I become one of those parents who thinks my child is beautiful when in reality, everyone else thinks is ugly? How much weight will I gain? Is it normal to be hungry and sleepy ALL the time? I hope it has blue eyes! Will I be a good mom? If it is a boy, he could still cheer right?

Don is CONVINCED with all his heart that we are having a baby boy. I feel like it's a girl. Everyone always asks, "Do you want a girl or boy?" Honestly, a healthy baby is all I could hope for. If it is a boy, great! Don will be thrilled and we will have a new man of the home, a protector and example for the kids to follow. If it's a girl, great! I can dress her up in the cutest of clothes and parade her around like I did with my dolls. She will be the cutest little cheerleader in the making!

On another note, Don and have been called to teach the CTR 5 year olds in church. Yesterday was our first lesson on Choose the Right. I have to admit that these kids, while so young, were the cutest little kids! They had the most honest answers and they absorbed everything on the lesson. We have four boys and one girl in our class. The boys just love Don! They were teasing him and calling him "Grandpa Barrand!" It was hard not to laugh. The boys were wild and I had to keep snapping my fingers at them and telling them to "put there bottoms in the chairs" they were sitting backwards and laying down. One boy kept making farting noises and I asked him if Jesus would be happy to hear those noises. He said no and stopped. When I asked them if they knew what CTR meant, no one said anything. I wrote it on the board and asked again, still no answer. Then I helped them out by saying, "Choose the..." they got it RIGHT! We told them about choosing between right and wrong and how we choose right because we love Jesus and Jesus always chose the right. I said that Satan tries to get us to choose the wrong and one boy informed me that Satan was a bad guy and if he walked in the room right them, he would kick him in the face. The boy actually got out of his chair, clenched his little fists and kicked the air. Haha, they got the general idea of the lesson. We ended with bracelets the kids could wear that say, "Choose the Right" on them. I am excited to see them again next Sunday!

Sitting in primary was also a fun experience. The 5 year olds are the oldest of the Jr primary, and I LOVED seeing the little little ones folding there arms and singing to the songs. I hope that with my calling, I will be able to inspire and teach these children all they need to know about the gospel. I also know that I am sure I will learn so much from them as well. It makes me more excited to be a mother.

Most of my friends my age are already on there second or third babies. They are all amazing mothers and I can only hope that I will be the same. I have always wanted to be a mom. I remember being little and I would treat my dolls with such care. I would gently tuck them in and clean them if they got dirty. In school when they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, my answer was always a "mommy." Even with my job, I honestly have a love for each of my kids. I am just there coach, but I get to see them grow and learn and aspire to do greater things. They really do teach me so much, even at young ages. They have goals and they don't get discouraged. If they hit the ground, they get right back up and try again. I love that! Being able to work with kids has been a blast and I will continue to coach! I don't even know if old age and a walker could stop me from doing what I love!

Enough rambling. We are excited to have my cousin, Nicole and Glen here in a few weeks! We are very close cousins with so many memories! We have grown up together, helped each other through thick and thin and even lived together in college. She is one of my very best friends and I love having her around! I am also counting down the days until our annual Galan Family Reunion in Camp Pendleton, California!! We camp out on the beach in tents and just let go. No make up, playing in the waves, tanning and eating Grandmas amazing food! That is what a vacation is to me. Sitting around with no plans, relaxing and just doing whatever I want. Both Don and I had so much fun last year and we really are thrilled to be able to go for the weekend this year! Can't wait and I am sure I will be sporting a super hot baby bump here soon!