Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The past 9 months or so...

I apologize for not keeping this updated. Not that anyone really reads this anyways, but just in case- let's fill you in!


Some say that being pregnant is the best! You can eat more, your hair and nails are strong and shiny, you get all this extra attention. Wearing baggy clothes is a go, the hubby gives you free back rubs, and best of all: you get to watch that soon-to-be baby grow inside you and know that you are literally creating life! Now, don't get me wrong; these are all AMAZING prego perks that I have enjoyed. But, I am just not one of those women that can say, "I love being pregnant." No pun intended: pregnancy is... how do I say this...difficult? Yes. Let's say...an "out of body" experience. I just don't feel like me. It has been hard adjusting to my new shape and accepting that gaining weight, swollen feet, back pain, lack of sleep, nausea, HEARTBURN, mood swings and that little jab in the ribs- are all normal. My pregnancy has had some complications and that itself has been hard to deal with both emotionally and physically. I always thought I had a pretty high pain tolerance; boy, was I wrong! I guess I am just really naive because I have heard labor is painful, no one told me that being pregnant had it's share of surprises. I felt blindsided. Thank goodness for my mother! She picks up 2am phone calls from me and deals with my "...is that normal?" questioning!

I think that pregnancy is supposed to be hard for several reasons. I am naturally a selfish person sometimes (who are we kidding, most of the time), and being pregnant has made me think of my baby first and foremost. Everything I do is for him. Even if I am not hungry, or sleepy- Don is always reminding me that I have a little soul inside me that matters more than my wants and needs. Speaking of, he has honestly grown into the most supportive husband and will be just the best daddy ever. This pregnancy has brought our marriage closer and Don and I have learned to trust and rely on each other on such a deeper level. He is always helping me waddle around, cooking me dinner, keeping the house clean, reading my prego books, rubbing my back, dealing with the ob seen amount of pillows on our bed and he even ties my shoes :) I am not suggesting getting pregnant to fix a marriage- this is just something that happened to benefit ours greatly. Everyone tells me that the second you hold that little baby in your arms, all the pain and sacrifice is so worth it. I cannot wait to be a mother and welcome little Austin into our family!


Don quit his landscaping job. Talk about blind faith. He was working 50 sometimes 60 hours a week in 115 degree heat and we never saw each other. I felt like a single, knocked up woman going through motherhood alone. I work nights so right when Don got home from work (or after I left) I had to leave and by the time I got home, Don was asleep or fighting to stay awake just to say hi to me before he had go to sleep. He had to wake up at 4am. We would go days and nights without seeing each other. For being newlyweds and first time soon-to-be parents: this lifestyle wasn't working for us. In this economy, having any job is a miracle! But, after seeing our marriage and relationship being affected negatively, we knew we had to do what was best for us. After many weeks of prayer, we felt like Don needed to enroll in school. With his work schedule, school was out of the option. We chose school over a job and it has been working out great. Don's school is paid for from his GI bill and while money has been tight, it has been a blessing to have him available. The Lord has a plan for us and we feel like a degree is something that everyone must have. With a lot of faith, and me working through the pregnancy (I love my job way too much and don't understand those women who sit at home for 9 months), we have been truly blessed.

Just recently, Don has had the opportunity to interview for a Police Officer job. Over 900 applicants were applying for 9 open positions here in Gilbert. Don has made it through the very selective process to almost the end. He passed his written, oral, physical, background, polygraph checks with ease. It is based on process of elimination and for him to even make it as far as the polygraph- is huge! Don has really missed the Marines and all the training and personal experiences he attained on deployments would serve such a greater fulfillment through a job like this one. Thank you for all the prayers, hopefully, this will all work out!

My chubby, swollen fingers are done typing. Only 3 more weeks till my due date! I have already started walking several times a day am working my normal hours through the whole thing (he will come out counting 8-counts) Check out the Pictures below and thanks for reading! Wishing all of you a happy week!

Don as a baby! SO CUTE!